Seawall and pool damaged by Tropical Storm Debby cause concern for neighbors on Venetian Isles

Crumbling concrete and erosion make yard unstable.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - "I think it's irresponsible and really dangerous," said Gina Longino.

Longino is worried about what's taking place in the backyard of the home at 2010 Carolina Cir. NE in St. Petersburg's Venetian Isles neighborhood.  A picturesque view of the bay is where the beauty stops.

A crumbling mess is what's left of the seawall and what was once a pool; damage done by the power of Tropical Storm Debby back in June.

"It's been over six months since this happened and nobody's done anything," recalled Longino.

The erosion has gotten worse since Debby moved through.  A few months ago, the home's owners suddenly packed up and moved out; leaving concerned neighbors fearful that, for kids in the area, the scene is an accident waiting to happen.

"We don't need to have this sitting out here beckoning them to come and play," explained Longino.

The vacant property has easy access to an unstable situation.

"And you just walk down this side yard here and as you can see there's no barrier, there's no fence, there's not even tape warning somebody that the yard has collapsed and you can just come back here," Longino showed Action News as she walked along the side yard and into the open backyard.

According to the codes compliance page on the city's website, there is an active case on the property. The city also said that if the bank who holds the mortgage does not get the property taken care of by the the time it is re-inspected in January, the city will work to secure the property.

"I feel sad, I feel worried, I feel very helpless," expressed Loida Pearson.

Pearson lives next door to the home and says she's concerned that further erosion will spell trouble for her property.

"It's very disturbing, and disruptive too because even when you have a moment when you're trying top relax, you still can never forget because there's such destruction here," she said.

Longino feels like securing the property is long overdue.

"I think that the city really needs to fence this off or barricade it in some way to prevent children from coming back here before someone gets hurt," Longino said.

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