St. Petersburg gay pride crowd celebrates New York victory

Supporters hope one day bill will pass in Florida

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Rain held out Saturday morning at the Saint Pete Gay Pride Festival, but those attending were celebrating more than just good weather and pride.

They were hailing New York's recent decision to recognize same sex marriage.

"Marriage should be about love honor and respect and not a piece of paper," said Harold Shatraw.

In 30 days, barring any court challenges, a piece of paper in New York, could  symbolize what same sex couples, have been fighting for years.

The choice to get married is an option that Anthony Faith hopes will happen here in Florida. This state does not currently recognize gay marriage or civil unions.

"I'm very happy that bill passed and hopefully down here it will pass, I'm praying," said Faith.

Late Friday, New York became the sixth and largest state in the country to legalize gay marriage.

Here in Florida, same sex couples have been fighting for the same type of law for years.

Kim Magic is a huge supporter of same sex marriage and describes what the law means to herself. "You want your life recognized by people two that it is a real relationship not a fly by night situation," said Magic.

Anthony says he will not let go of his dream to get married. 

"We want to have the big church, we want to have everything that the heterosexual couple and family have, we want that so bad," said Magic.

In the meantime, Anthony says he will join the thousands in this annual celebration of pride and hold on to the hope that same sex couples in Florida will one day be celebrating like they are in New York.  

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