Post Card Inn just one of many beach spots holding weddings on iconic date 11-12-13

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - You may call this the most romantic day of the year!

Thousand of couples tied the knot today Even though its a Tuesday, the brides and grooms  chose the "date" over the day.

Like most brides, Eva Kusina dreamed about her wedding day for years choosing the date took just days after getting engaged.

"Something popped into my head. 11-12-13 let's do it!" she said.

An iconic date, and  the second to last consecutive date this century.

"I just like the unique date it does not come around often, 11-12-13," said Kusina.

Eva and her groom Phillip Preutt are one of two couples tying the knot at the Post Card Inn on St. Pete Beach.

A little later,  Marty Yannarella with the help of his son Marco as ring bearer will also pledge his love and commitment.

His bride came up with 11-12-13.

"It's probably a lucky number right? You probably aren't going to get much luckier. What do you think?" asked Yannarella, turning to his son.

Even though Marco only 6, he knows the number is pretty full proof too!

ACTION NEWS asked, "Do you think you'll dad will ever forget his anniversary? " said Marco with a laugh.

Whether its easy to remember, unique or lucky thousands across the country are tying the knot today, even though a Tuesday isn't your typical wedding day.

"I looked it up and I saw it was a Tuesday and I said, 'oh well!'" Kusina said.

"And we got off more time for vacation too right?" Yannarella laughed.

Just one of many perks. Both the couples chose destination weddings.

And getting married during the week can be a lot cheaper.

For those who choose the last iconic date of the century,  12-13-14, they may want to start saving now.

It's on a Saturday and the Post Card Inn is already swamped with calls.

For Kusina, you can't get much better than today.

"December is way to cold for me!"

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