Police say arsonist set six fires in one neighborhood

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Thursday night, just before 8:00, St Petersburg Fire Department put out a fire at a house on 79th street in Causeway Isles. The fire did about $5,000 damage in a quiet neighborhood, where waterfront homes and palm trees line the streets.

"Its really scary. You think you live in a really nice neighborhood, but you're scared every night when you go to sleep." said resident Ellyn Jones

Police say the fire was arson, the third one at that same house, including once just last month and once before last September.

And just a few doors down, a fire over Thanksgiving weekend killed a dog.  A house used to be on one vacant lot until it was destroyed by fire in October 2011. Police say both of those were also arson, six fires in all.

"All the homes have been unoccupied at the time of the incident.  Two of the structures, people were away, and the other homes were vacant," said Detective Bill Schorn.

Lou Florence has lived in Causeway Isles for 12 years.  He takes his morning walk past these houses almost every day. Now he's taking precautions.

"Luckily we have someone who keeps an eye on the place who's here all the time. But we're still concerned.  It's not a good thing," said Florence.

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