Police: Homeowner shot dead after confronting car thieves

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. - Saint Petersburg police are working the scene of a homicide they say happened just before 1:30 a.m. Saturday at a house on 25th Street South.

Floyd Lassiter, 54, was shot several times after he confronted two people attempting to steal his car from his driveway.

Lassiter got into a fight with the two suspects before one of them pulled a gun.

Both suspects fled the scene after the shots were fired.

Lassiter was taken to Bayfront Medical Center were he later passed.

Police discovered a prior report that had been filed two days earlier at Lassiter's address.

He had reported a burglary at his house and alleged car keys had been stolen..

Police have not been able to identify any suspects at this time.

The investigation is ongoing.

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