Police: Father shot up drugs behind church in presence of baby daughter

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A St. Petersburg father was arrested after he used drugs hidden in a baby stroller to shoot up behind a church and in front of his baby girl, according to a police report. He is identified as Bruce Johnson, 22.

The church is located at  570 62nd Avenue North.

When officers arrested Johnson late Monday night, he had three spoons with white residue, six syringes and a number of cotton filters, according to the report.

His wife was on the scene when officers arrived, but she was not charged according to a police spokesman.  An earlier report indicated Johnson may have called his wife because he was unable to properly care for the child.

Officers said Johnson hid the drugs and paraphernalia in a black bag beneath the stroller.

He faces three charges, including child neglect, drug possession and paraphernalia possession.  The residue will be tested to determine the nature of the substance, which police believe may be oxycodone.

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