Police cruiser stolen from officer's driveway


An unmarked St. Petersburg police vehicle was stolen from a detective's driveway and found in Lake Maggiore Monday morning.  Among the items missing from the car, a Glock handgun and an AR 15 rifle.
From Action Air One, you could see the stolen police car floating in Lake Maggiore.
"Oh boy," said neighbor Darrell Krenz.
The police car belongs to a 32-year-old St. Petersburg Police homicide detective, Mathhew Furse, who woke up to find it missing from his driveway.
"The detective's vehicle was parked next to his personal vehicle.  And inside the personal vehicle, which was locked, were a set of keys to the cruiser," said Mike Puetz, police spokesperson.
Someone broke into the detective's personal car, got the keys, then drove off with the 2007 gold Chevrolet Impala overnight. They ditched it in knee deep water on the east side the lake.
The waterlogged police cruiser isn't even the bad news.  What firefighters didn't find in the trunk is.
"His Glock, and additionally an AR-15 rifle was there, along with the ammunition," said Puetz.
The .45 caliber pistol is the detective's service pistol.  The assault rifle, worth upwards of $1,200, belongs to the detective and was registered with the department.
Both are now unaccounted for, along with a portable police radio, which is why the case is under review.  Though at first look, Puetz says it appears the detective didn't break any rules.
"We work hard to get guns off the street, not to put them back on the street so this is not something we want to see happen. Again, an initial assessment of this was no policies were violated," he said.
Police are hoping someone in the community with information will come forward with a tip. 
Neighbors are hoping too.
"You never know what them guys will do with them guns," said Krenz.
Anyone with information should call the non-emergency number 727-893-7780. You can also text a tip to 727-420-8911 or leave a confidential message at 727-892-5000.
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