Police arrest three teens charged in burglary ring

Rash of break-ins reported in southeast St. Pete

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - St. Petersburg police are holding three teenagers responsible for a spree of burglaries that occurred within about a month's time in the city's southeast section.

Police said the teens, whom ABC Action News is not identifying due to their age, may have been responsible for at least 13 burglaries from June to July.

A break in the case came Wednesday, July 9, when police caught two of the teenagers allegedly breaking into a home on Tropical Shores Drive. They arrested the two on the spot and, soon after, arrested the third suspect at a different location.

One of the victims, Dayton Stone, said the thieves took $10,000 worth of items from his home on 24th Avenue South.

"It's a scary thing, realizing that you've been violated in this way," Stone said.

Police said the third suspect had several stolen items in his possession, including a flat screen television, a video game console and jewelry. Authorities do not believe they were able to recover all of the stolen items.

Police are hoping to return as many stolen items as possible to their rightful owners.

If you believe you are a burglary victim in this case and want to try to get your items back, police suggest making sure that you have filed a burglary report that lists the goods.

The St. Petersburg Police Department can be reached by phone at 727-893-7780.

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