Pinellas County Fair open this weekend


"Everybody says the same thing, 'Oh, bless you for bringing this fair back,'" said Pinellas County Fair Coordinator Marjorie Hynish.
It's is the culmination of a decade-long dream for Hynish.
"I had to wait all these years to get my ideal job, but I got it now," said Hynish.  
And it's more than just a carnival midway.
"The real part of the county fair, the animals, the cows, and the goats, the chickens and the horticulture tent," explained Hynish.
You'll find stuffed pigs, food for pigging out and ... real pigs. 
Organizers say this is just the start, and hope participation in horticulture and animal displays grows year to year.
They say just opening this year's fair in the Tropicana Field parking lot is reason to celebrate.
"To pull something like this off is not an easy feat to do; and to find the energetic people that we found to help us with this whole project, it's like one of the most exciting things you could ever have happen in your life," said fair Entertainment Director Bobby Barnes.
Barnes can't wait to perform for the fair crowds.
"I've done stadiums before, I've done bayfront centers; I've done all of that in my career.  But to me, this is a kick.  This is a real county fair kick right here," smiled Barnes as he surveyed the hay bales that make up part of the viewing area for the entertainment stage.
Hynish and Barnes aren't overly concerned with attendance numbers this year.  They're interested in laying a foundation for the fair to succeed down the road."
"The people that we have had come in here, gives me the hope for future years," Said Hynish
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