Pastor Tim Kelley: "Just a second in time can become priceless"

Pastor returns to church after daughter's death

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - For Pastor Tim Kelley, the strength to return to worship with his congregation comes with an everlasting memory.

"I gave her a hug and I looked at her and I said 'I love you' and she said 'I love you to'. Then she walked away," said Pastor Kelley.

Pastor Kelley said hugs were routine with his daughter, Hannah Kelley, but that hug five weeks ago would be the last.

Pinellas County Sheriff's Deputies said after the service, over a month ago, a parishioner showed his gun to Hannah's boyfriend who was looking to buy one. The gun, deputies said, went off hitting Hannah. She died one week later.

Pastor Kelley joined with the man who brought the gun to his church, Moises Zambrana asking for prayers for his family.

"They've lost joy. They've lost peace. I pray for healing over the Zambrana family," said Pastor Kelley.

The day brought many members to tears and packed the church with close to 300 people.

"He didn't have to forgive him. He just loved him," said member Sandra Duff.

Moises Zambrana did not speak, but issued a statement, "...we miss Hannah's earthly presence every day and not a day or moment goes by that Hannah, Jasper and the Kelley family are not on our minds....this accident is to never be forgotten...I love you Hannah, your Mr. Moises."

Countless hugs and support were given out to Pastor Kelley and Moises Zambrana, but the pastor ultimately wants others to remember one thought.

"Just a second in time. A moment can become priceless. Something that you hold onto and cling to for the rest of your days on earth," said Pastor Kelley.

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