Man arrested after dead kitten found in freezer

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Pinellas County deputies arrested Rodney J. Blanchard, 39, at his home after they found four kittens in a freezer.  Officers rescued three of them, but one was dead.

Eva Mulder told deputies she was visiting, and went to get a beer from the freezer.  That's when Blanchard told her about the kittens.

Mulder went to get the kittens, and Blanchard pushed her away, telling her to leave.  She did, and called the Sheriff's Office.

When the deputies arrived and opened the freezer door, they found the four kittens, about six weeks old, inside individual sandwich bags on the bottom shelf.

One kitten, a calico and white female, was unresponsive. The three others, orange and white males, were alive and meowing.

Deputies took the kittens, cold to the touch and covered with fleas, to the Emergency Care Center At Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialist in Largo for further care.

Blanchard was arrested, charged with four counts of animal cruelty and one count of battery.

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