Lawyer defends mother who left her baby in car for hours

Natasha Graver, a mother of six and a teacher's assistant, is sick over leaving her 4-month-old baby in a hot car for hours.
That's what she stressed to investigators and her attorney, Amanda Bettker-Nicholson.
"She is a loving mom and she is heartbroken and devastated that this had happened," said Bettker-Nicholson.
Her lawyer said Graver was not in a good state of mind the day it happened.
She was attending the funeral on Sunday of three friends who died in a fiery collision after a wrong-way driver slammed into them. Because she expected it would be emotional, she decided to drop off all six of her children at an aunt's house.
"She wholeheartedly believe that she dropped her daughter off at that aunt's house. She carried in the diaper bag and thought she had brought in the baby," said Bettker-Nicholson.
But then she forgot the baby again when she came back home an hour and a half later. Investigators said she left the baby in the car for nearly another hour. It fueled questions on how it could happen twice.
"I think that's an unfair assumption on the media's part and a lot of other people looking into this case. She never even knew she was in the backseat in the first place," said Bettker-Nicholson.
Graver still assumed the baby was with the other children. She realized that wasn't the case when she got back in her car to get them.
"She heard a coo come from the backseat, and, lo and behold, her daughter was there," said Bettker-Nicholson. "When she found her daughter she appeared to be sweaty but still alert."
Graver immediately called 911.
"People need to understand that life is hectic and chaotic. Sometimes we can't keep an eye on our children all the time. An accident is an accident. But she's a good mom and she loves all of her children," said Bettker-Nicholson.
Graver has no prior criminal history. But she faces a third-degree felony. If this case goes to trial and she is found guilty, the mother could face up to five years in prison.
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