St. Pete wife to 911: 'I hear someone creeping down the hallway, I've got an intruder in my home'

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A St. Petersburg homeowner woke early Wednesday to find a stranger in his living room.  He held the intruder at gunpoint until police arrived.

Police said Joseph Cihak awoke around 4:30 a.m. and found Bryan Remley in his living room going through his belongings. 

According to the police report, Remley, 25, began to run at Cihak until the homeowner fired two shots from a gun. The gun jammed on a third attempt.

Remley ran to the kitchen, and tried to escape, while Cihak grabbed another firearm and his wife, Colleen Traversa, called 9-1-1.

During the 19 minute call, Traversa told dispatchers her husband was armed with a 9mm and had another weapon in the house.  She also said she feared for her husband's safety because he underwent heart surgery in the past.

"I hear someone creeping down the hallways," Traversa tells the dispatcher while breathing heavily.  "I've got an intruder inside my house."

Traversa's husband ordered her to stay in the bedroom with the door locked. 

When the homeowner got to the kitchen, he found Remley lying on the floor.  Police said that Remley asked Cihak to let him go, that he would come back and mow the lawn.

"I've heard some gunshots," Traversa told the dispatcher while hiding in the bedroom with the door locked.

The homeowner held him at gunpoint until police arrived.  Once police were at the front door and K-9 units were on scene, Traversa opened the door and inched toward her husband.

"Yes he is on the ground," Treversa responded when asked if her husband had the suspect detained at gunpoint.

Officers found a 3-4 inch blade in a holster on Remley. He is charged with armed residential burglary and violation of probation, and an outstanding warrant from Seminole County for petit theft.

Police said it was the second time someone burglarized Cihak's home. On August 28, someone entered the home while they were there, so Cihak and his wife have a plan to be armed with a gun whenever they get up in the middle of the night.

The homeowners declined to comment on camera.

"Every time we get up to go to the bathroom, we take a gun just to protect ourselves," she explained.

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