St. Petersburg Police arrest girlfriend of deadly hit-and-run suspect

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - St. Petersburg Police arrested a suspect in connection to a deadly triple hit-and-run crash.  Brittany Donar, 25, is accused of giving police false information about the whereabouts of Marquice Anderson, 27, the prime suspect in a crash that left a woman and her two nieces dead.

25-year old Grace Collier along with Briana Campbell, 23, and Jamesia Lang, 21, were riding in a 2004 Saturn on 16th Avenue S. when they were struck by a 2012 Chrysler Thursday, allegedly driven by Anderson.

The car caught fire after the collision, and Anderson is accused of leaving the scene on foot.  

"I don't know where he is," Donar said as she was being transported from the downtown St. Pete police station to the Pinellas County Jail.

Donar bonded out of jail early Monday morning.

Acquaintances of Anderson, meanwhile, are confident that the suspect will eventually surrender.

"I know he's a good dude," said Bayboi Peoples, a friend of the victims' families.  "Just put yourself in his shoes for one second and understand what he's going through and know he's going to turn himself in."

A street party fundraiser was held along 16th Street S. next to the crash site and a memorial filled with candles, balloons, pictures, and stuffed animals.

"It's just so positive," said Katera Shannon, a friend of the victims.  "I just love how everybody can just get together like this.  It is so special.  It really is," Shannon said.

Others who came for the fundraiser found it difficult to hold back their emotions.  Gilelle Burrows teared up talking about her times with her lost friend.

"I'm going to miss the time we used to talk on the phone," Burrows reminisced.  "I'm going to miss everything that we used to do.  I love all you girls," she said.

Nedjari Holmes said it was difficult to deal with the fact that someone he knew may have been responsible for the deaths of his friends.

"It just hurt my heart to know that somebody very close to me, my family, and everybody's friends and loved ones are just gone," Holmes said.

"It's just crazy.  It hurts a lot," Holmes said.

Donations to the family can be made by contacting the Zion Hill Funeral Home in St. Petersburg.

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