Intervention by Good Samaritan saves girl from attack, possible sexual assault, police say

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - The intervention of a Good Samaritan is believed to have saved a 13-year-old St. Petersburg girl from abduction and sexual assault, according to police.

The girl was walking home from her school bus stop on Tuesday around 4:45 p.m. when she saw two men sitting on the porch of a vacant house at 610 31st Street South.

As she passed the house, one of the men called out to her, but she ignored him and kept walking, according to a police statement.

The man then ran up behind the girl and pulled her to the ground.  She screamed and tried to get away, but he held on and dragged her toward the house.  The second man remained seated on the porch.

As the struggle continued, the suspect began to strike the girl.  At one point, a unidentified man saw what was happening. He ran up and pushed the suspect, yelling at him to let the girl go.

The 13-year-old was able to break free and ran home, where she told her mother what had happened.  The mother then called police.

According to the statement, the girl had injuries consistent with her description of the attack. Based on the girl's account of what the suspect said, it is believed the attack was sexually motivated.

Officers went to the scene of the attack, but were unable to find the suspects or the Good Samaritan who intervened.

Detectives are now asking for the public's help in finding the two suspects as well as the Good Samaritan.

The suspect who attacked the girl is described as a black male, early 20's, 5'8", light skinned, muscular build,  full beard, both ears pierced with black & gray earrings.  He had tattoos on the inside of both forearms and was LSW a solid black t-shirt with black cargo style shorts, black socks and Nike sandals.

The suspect sitting on the porch is described as a black male, early 20's, 5'8", dark complexion, very thin build,
unshaven, with small "twisty" braids in his hair. He was LSW a black t-shirt with the Nike logo "Just Do It" written on the front, black gym shorts with blue stripes down the sides.

The suspect on the porch, never became involved in the attack and could be considered a witness, police say.

The Good Samaritan is described as an older white male.

Anyone with information should call the St. Petersburg Police Department non-emergency number at 727-893-7780, Text-A-Tip to 727-420-8911 or leave a confidential tip at 727-892-5000.

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