Fourth suspect arrested in St. Petersburg veteran's murder

ST. PEtERSBURG, Fla. - A fourth person is now charged in the murder of a veteran outside his St. Petersburg home.

Detectives believe Jacques A. Hodges, 19, of Gulfport, was driving the getaway car following the May 10 shooting death of Floyd Lassiter at his 25th Street South residence.

Hodges was arrested Wednesday night and charged with being an accessory to first-degree murder.

The car, investigators said, belongs to Hodge's grandfather who had given him permission to drive it.

Two other teens have been charged with first-degree murder. A third is charged with being a principal to first-degree murder.

Police said they were trying to steal Lassiter's car when he was shot with a 9mm handgun during a struggle with one of the suspects.

No other arrests are expected in the case.

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