Foreigner invites St. Pete Catholic chorus to sing on stage at Florida Strawberry Festival

Many students like the music of the 80's band.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - The words to the song that the Chorus from St. Pete Catholic is singing were written more than a decade before most of them were even born.

But make no mistake, these kids know all about the rock and roll band, Foreigner.

"My dad's big on music.  So it's one of his favorite bands," said Melissa Jenner, a senior at the school.

Junior Capron Smith is also no stranger to their music.

"I've grown up with Foreigner being played.  My family had a CD that we would play non-stop," he said.

Thursday night, the high schoolers will share the big stage at the Strawberry Festival with Foreigner; the band that made a name for itself in the 1980's.

'I Want to Know What Love Is' reached number one on the charts 28 years ago this month.  Foreigner works with the Grammy Foundation and selects a high school to sing backup chorus at each stop on their tour.

Chorus member Tori Carter pointed to her mother as the person who fostered her affection for the band.

"My mom actually loves Foreigner and so she used to always play it.  And as soon as he said we're going to be singing 'I Want to Know What Love Is', I was extremely excited because I am in love with that song," Carter said.

Chorus director Jahn Van De Putte knows his students will have a lifetime of memories from this one performance.

"It's one of those things where I think this is going to be a genesis moment for them," Van De Putte remarked.

The St. Pete Catholic chorus is determined to impress the big-time band.

Johnny Fabrizio says the group is ready.

"We're representing our whole school, this group of kids. But I also think that it pushes us to do our best knowing that we represent our school and we want people to know what St. Pete Catholic has.  We're going to represent for our school and it's going to be awesome and we're going to nail that performance," he said.

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