Evidence reveals disturbing plan devised by teen trio that police say led to botched robbery, murder

Documents show victim lured with promise of sex

ST. PETERSBURG - New records reveal the disturbing plan a group of teens had in mind when police say they botched a robbery and killed a St. Petersburg college student.

The evidence suggests the handful of teens who saw the murder this past summer did nothing about it.

According to interviews and witness statements, the victim, 20-year-old Jeremy Mayers, was lured to a house for sex with 16-year-old Brittany Detwiler who he had been chatting with on Facebook.

What Mayers did not know that July night was that when he arrived at the St. Petersburg house filled with teens, that two of them planned to catch him off guard and steal his money and car, according to documents.

Among the hundreds of discovery files released to the media are taped interviews with two of the accused killers -- most of it is redacted by attorneys.

But we do hear from witnesses -- underage teens at the party -- who told police they knew all about the robbery plan.

"I said 'Scionti, please don't do it!' And he said, 'man, just go in the house and act like you don't see nothing,'" said one of the teens who was at the house party.

That teenager says she saw a scuffle between Scionti Hill, Franco Thomas, and the victim of what would soon become a murder -- Jeremy Mayers.

"I see Scionti in the back and Franco was holding him in a head lock," she told detectives in an interview.

A different witness, a 13-year-old at the time, described the attack to detectives.

"Do you see them hit him with the gun at all?" The detective asked.

"Yeah, because they were going to shoot him but the gun wasn't loaded, and the guy kept grabbing the gun from him so they just started beating him with it," she told them.

Police say Hill and Thomas beat Mayers to death with a gun they used as a bat, and then took off in his car.

Investigators did not find his body until hours later when responding to an unrelated car accident. None of the half-dozen teens at the home bothered to call for help.

"Do you feel like you took any part of this? Do you feel responsible?" The detective asked.

"Nope," she said.

Detective: "Do you feel bad for what happened to the guy?"

Teen witness: "Nope."

Detective: "You don't feel bad at all?"

Teen witness: "No."

Detective: "Why?"

Teen witness: "Because it didn't happen to me."

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