Confrontation between two men over marital infidelity ends in bloody knife fight

ST. PETERSBURG - A confrontation over marital infidelity in St. Petersburg turned into a bloody sword fight that has left one man fighting for his life Thursday morning.

St. Petersburg Police responded to 344 4th Street South after receiving a call about a stabbing about 5:40 a.m.

Officials said an argument erupted between a man who lived at the residence and an acquaintance who came to the resident's home.

The argument was centered around accusations of marital infidelity involving the acquaintance's wife.

Both the resident and the acquaintance  pulled out sharp weapons and began to attack each other.

The resident stabbed and cut the other man multiple times. An associate who accompanied the acquaintance to the home jumped in the fight and hit the resident with a chain.

He fled before police arrived.   

Both the resident and acquaintance were taken to Bayfront Medical Center.

While the resident has relatively minor injuries, the acquaintance has life threatening wounds and is currently listed in critical condition.

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