BrewFab finds success making stainless steel tanks for craft brewers

Company plans to expand and add workers

Rick Cureton considers it a case of right time, right place.
BrewFab, his business, makes stainless steel tanks that an growing craft beer industry relies on. 
"It's kind of all been a little overwhelming," said Kyle Cureton, Rick's son. "The opportunity here is unbelievable." 
Kyle and Rick have been working seven days a week since they started their business less than a year ago.
"We do have to pinch ourselves. It's been pretty remarkable how much business we have in the short amount of time we've been doing this," Rick said.
The small shop in St. Petersburg employs a handful of skilled workers. But work like this takes time. The wait for one of their tanks is around seven months. 
"We haven't even advertised basically. This has all been pretty much word of mouth for us. We're looking to expand," Rick Cureton said.
BrewFab already has its sights set on a larger facility to accommodate their growth. But finding more skilled workers is a bit more challenging.
"That's the biggest problem that we have right now," Kyle said.
As BrewFab continues its growth, brewers like Doug Dozark of Cycle Brewing in St. Petersburg think there is no limit to how far this local business can go in the booming craft beer market.
"You're seeing this huge uptick in Florida, and Brewfab is going to be right here. Strike while the iron's hot. It is hot as can be right now," Dozark said.
"It's a good position to be in.  We have the business.  We have the work.  We need the room and we need the people to capitalize on that," Rick Cureton said.
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