15 year old charged with gang related shooting in St. Petersburg; 4 teens sent to the hospital

Two teens were shot in the face

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Police have charged a boy, 15, in connection with a weekend shooting at a birthday party in St. Petersburg.  Investigators have also said it was gang related.

The gunfire exploded on 3rd Ave. South Saturday night.  St. Petersburg Police said a group of people at the party exchanged fire with a group of teens in a car.  Four teens were rushed to the hospital, all suffering from gunshot wounds.  

Kishauna Freeman, 13, said she saw one of the boys involved pull the trigger, "Next thing you know he put the gun up and shot it," she explained, and then grabbed at her nose, "I did like this and it just feels like a whole bunch of snot was coming out my nose, but it was blood."

Police said Kishauna was shot with what is called snake shot, a form of buckshot.  One of the pellets traveled up her nose and is lodged in her adenoids.  Kishauna said she is now scheduled for an operation Tuesday to remove the pellet.

Kishauna's 12-year-old brother Michael is in worse shape. "They shot his eye," Michael's grandmother Deborah Shorter choked out, "He's blind in the eye now."

Police believe the shooting was gang related and have charged a 15 year old with discharging a firearm from a vehicle.  But, St. Petersburg said they also found a gun with another 15 year old.  That teen has not been charged because he's in serious condition in the hospital.

Police are still looking for two other teens who were in the car and the shooters who fired at the car.  That includes the individual who fired the shot that hit Kishauna and her brother Michael.

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