One Million Cups helping entreprenuers one coffee at a time

Attention all you entrepreneurs! Especially those of you who think you have a great idea, but you just need help getting to the next step.

One Million Cups wants to help you. The organization's mission is to help start-up companies get more recognition in hopes of spring boarding them into national and international success.

Entrepreneurs proposing a new idea or looking for investors have gotten validation from the audience, said Sean Kennedy, one of the organizers of One Million Cups in St. Petersburg. Organizers hope new ideas will flow like java.

The national organization started about a year and a half ago and began last October in the bay area. Kennedy said it's basically a think tank for grassroots entrepreneurs who want to raise awareness about their work. Entrepreneurs get six minutes for the presentation and 20 minutes for questions and answers from a diverse audience.

Some of those listening want to grow their businesses. Others want to buy into start-up companies. That's exactly what Danielle Weitlauf with Tampa Bay Innovation Center hopes to accomplish.

"Entrepreneurism is a big driver for our local economy and local jobs," Weitlauf said. "More jobs are created in small business and start-ups than there is with the large corporate companies."

One Million Cups hosts events each Wednesday from 9 to 10 a.m. at the St. Petersburg Greenhouse, 440 Second Ave. N. in St. Petersburg.

For more information, visit the group's website at .

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