Lost ring is lost no more, thanks to Bob the Metal Detector Detective

ST. PETE BEACH, Fla. - "I never thought I'd ever see it again,” said Bart Naylor while talking to ABC Action News on the phone from Indiana. He is elated because his “Bart & Rachel” engraved wedding band, which had been lost for years, has been found.

A St. Pete native who calls himself Bob the Metal Detector Detective dug up the ring this week near the Tradewinds Resort on St. Pete Beach.

Naylor said he and his wife vacationed at the Tradewinds three years ago when the ring slipped off. He’d only had it for two weeks at the time and said the loss was devastating. “Three years ago, me and my wife were going through a trying time.

She was diagnosed with MS and I had it engraved to let her know, I'm in it with her."

Bart said he’s counting the days until the package containing the lost ring arrives, and he knows just what to do when it does. "I'm going to give my wife a big kiss, place it on my finger and tell her it will never come off again,” he said.

A friend of the couple saw an ABC Action News story about the lost ring and contacted our news desk less than 24 hours after our story aired. We put the Naylors in touch with Bob, which set the ring return into motion.

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