911 call released in Lake Mary bear mauling

Bloodcurdling screams can be heard the minute the 911 call starts as family members scramble to get an ambulance for a 45-year-old woman just mauled by a bear outside her Lake Mary home. 
Hear the call in the video player above.
Dispatcher: "911, Do you need police, fire, or medical?"
Caller: "Uhh, I need help in my house."
Dispatchers are told the attack happened just five minutes prior to the phone call. Terri Frana, a mother and wife, was still awake, but on the floor bleeding. 
Dispatcher: "Is she breathing?"
Caller: "She's breathing. She's just traumatized. She's breathing and she's bleeding hard."
Dispatcher: "What part of her body was bitten?"
Caller: "It looks like the face."
In an interview earlier this week, Frana spoke about the attack. She still had noticeable gashes on her head from where the bear bit her.
"I started to run and he stood up and just pushed me down," Frana said through tears. "Those teeth were just digging into my skull and I just said 'God please don't let this be my end.'"
Since Saturday's incident, Florida Fish and Wildlife officials have killed seven bears in the immediate area. They said the bears were aggressive and too dangerous to trap and move. Authorities fear someone in the community may be intentionally feeding the wildlife.
"The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is asking residents, or anyone with knowledge of anyone feeding bears, or have knowledge of someone feeding bears, to please contact our wildlife alert hotline," said FWC spokesman Greg Workman. 
The FWC's Wildlife Alert Hotline is 888-404-FWCC (3922). The agency is urging anyone with information about the illegal feeding of wildlife to report it. You could be eligible for a $1,000 reward. 
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