Topless woman goes on rampage inside McDonalds. Now hear from inside as it happened.

ABC Action News has obtained the 911 calls made as a naked woman ransacked a McDonald’s in Pinellas Park. 
The employees involved in releasing the video of the rampage were fired by the McDonald’s.
Pinellas Park Police Department said Sandra Suarez walked into the McDonald’s and asked an employee if he wanted oral sex.
The employee's refusal set off a rampage that lasted about 12 minutes. The video shows Suarez knocking each register off the table before going behind the counter.
Police said the problem started long before what could be seen on the video. Suarez walked from her home past Astro Skate next door. That’s when a 911 caller reported seeing her without a shirt or bra.
Moments after that call, Suarez walked into the McDonald’s, police said. Employees hid in the back and called police.
"What's going on there?” a 911 operator said.
“Some lady just came in our store and started wrecking everything,” the caller said.
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In the background of that call, you can hear some of the damage being done to the fast food restaurant.
“She is topless in her panties,” the caller says. “She has blonde hair.”
When Pinellas Park police officers arrived, Suarez told them she was horny and then resisted arrest, police said. Pinellas Park Police Department spokesman Adam Geissenberger said the woman pushed and pulled away from officers.
“She tried to kiss, bite, lick. My understanding is that none of the officers were injured as a result of the arrest," he said.
Suarez is back at home, not talking about the arrest. Through the window of her townhouse she said, "I am not going to talk."
Juan Illas, the owner of the McDonald’s, released a statement Tuesday evening:
"The situation leading to this woman's arrest was, at the time, surprising to all involved. However, the posting of the video was without authorization and inconsistent with my values and how we operate our restaurant. The individuals involved are no longer employed with my organization. Any further comments on the situation would be inappropriate given that this is a police matter.”
Suarez is charged with criminal mischief and resisting arrest with violence.


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