Pinellas Park gives entrepreneurs a "step-up" with its incubator program

Gives small business start-up tools

Orange Blossom Designs, a small landscaping company, is the brainchild of Tricia Wing.
As an entrepreneur, she first started running the business out of her home. Now she has a sleek, new office thanks to a Pinellas Park incubator program.
"I'm kind of doing the same things only I'm doing them better, and they're reaching a wider audience," Wing said. "It's getting a better return for what I'm putting out."
Pinellas Park Suites is also home to eleven other small businesses.
"We're all very supportive of one another. We network together. We sort of work as a team," Mark Panuthos said. His small business, Epiphany Magazine,  has an office inside Pinellas Park Suites.
For about $130 a month, entrepreneurs can rent office space, helping cut out some of those pesky start-up costs.
"It offers them the financial assistance that they need to get started, because a lot of them can't afford to move out at market rate," Pinellas Park Community Development Analyst Shannon Coughlin said. 
In addition to their office space, tenants also get access to a conference room and on-site mentoring from an entrepreneurship professor from St. Petersburg College. They offer education, training, and help them with a business plan and marketing, Coughlin said.
If that business plan takes off, the program will even help you find a place when you're ready to move out on your own. "You have the full support of staff, and city council, and St. Pete College," Coughlin said.
The support is helping Orange Blossom make a name in the local landscaping market.
"It's opened up a network of opportunities for me and a network of people to correlate with that will help me grow my business," Wing said.
Here's where to find a business incubator in your area:

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The Catapult Incubator in Lakeland is a project implemented by the Lakeland Economic Development Council


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