County replaces narcotics in all Pinellas Park fire stations after arrest of firefighter

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. - The firefighter who deputies say they caught selling narcotics over the weekend got his medical license revoked in Pinellas County.

James Comer worked as a firefighter and paramedic for Pinellas Park. While he remains in the Pinellas County Jail, several agencies he had ties to are double checking their inventories.

"Immediately after this, the county came in and removed the drugs from all of our fire stations to completely inventory them, making sure there were no irregularities or anything like that," said Tim Caddell, spokesman for Pinellas Park, the city that hired Comer in 2008.

While Comer works for the city, the county is responsible for the drugs that first responders administer in the field.

At this point, investigators don't believe any of the EMS drugs are involved because they're all in liquid form and injected with a syringe.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Comer was found with prescription pills -- 184 of them to be exact -- including Oxycodone, morphine and Oxycontin, among others.

"There are protocols for everything that paramedics do, so all of the narcotics and medications are very tightly controlled," Caddell said. "When they go out on calls there are lock boxes, and it takes two people to take things out."

Other companies will also be doing their own investigation, including Sunstar, the private company that provides ambulance service in Pinellas County.

Comer worked for them until 2012.

He also worked part time in the emergency room at Northside Hospital. Officials there have not returned calls for comment.

The director of emergency services in Pinellas tells ABC Action News the county is currently conducting a quality assurance review and is continuing to audit medication logs.

He said any discrepancies will be turned over to the Sheriff's Office.

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