Madeira Beach condo damaged by Debby's winds

MADEIRA BEACH, Fla. - A portion of the roof at a Madeira Beach condominium complex could not handle Debby's heavy winds.

One corner of the roof at 13704 Gulf Boulevard started to peel off the building Monday afternoon.  The large portion of the metal roof flapped in air, threatening to break off in the high winds.

"It's actually ripped some holes in it," said witness Bob Bumiller.

The roof was so close to power lines, crews had to shut them down fearing a portion of the roof would connect with the lines.  Firefighters eventually tied down the loose portion of the roof to keep it from becoming dangerous flying debris. 

Several other store signs and window awnings were also knocked down by the gusts.  Debris from some of those signs came dangerous close to onlookers on Gulf boulevard.

"I mean, it just missed their legs.  Just missed them," Brumiller said.  "Very dangerous!"

Gulf Boulevard was shut down in both directions from 150th to 135th Avenue

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