Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission stops man's alligator-in-pool party for kids business

MADEIRA BEACH, Fla. - Just one week after the Alligator Attraction exhibitor announced his new gator encounter pool party business, the Florida Wildlife commission has said that alligators cannot be allowed in residential pools.

Alligator wrangler Bob Barrett told ABC Action News last week that when business at the Madeira Beach alligator attraction got slow, he came up with the idea to host alligator educational parties.

One of the options for these parties included kids swimming in pools with gators. "The gators' mouths are taped shut…and they're used to being around people," he said, insisting it was completely safe.

But the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida didn't agree and filed a complaint.

The FWC then released the following statement: "The FWC confirmed that the exhibitor, Bob Barrett (The Alligator Attraction), has been told that no further such exhibition is to occur. "

The FWC added that Mr. Barrett is being investigated for possible violations of Florida's captive wildlife rules and regulations.

ARFF Communications Director Don Anthony is pleased with the FWC's decision.

"Allowing alligators to swim with children in swimming pools at residential homes places both children and alligators at risk," Anthony said.

"We're happy that the FWC has put a stop to this ridiculous show." 

Clarification:  The alligators can still be brought to homes and displayed at parties, but the animals are not allowed to swim in residential pools.

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