Patron accused of stabbing Red Lion Pub barmaid on Indian Rocks Beach after he was denied service


Customers at the Red Lion Pub on Gulf Boulevard are rattled. 
Pinellas County deputies said it appears 50-year-old Jim Klingbeil went on a stabbing spree Sunday night after a bartender refused to serve him more alcohol.
Klingbeil reportedly left the bar on Indian Rocks Beach and bought a knife at a convenience store just a block down the street.
Detectives said he came back around 11:15 P.M. and got into a fight with another bartender, 32-year-old Rebecca Schaefer.
Three patrons, including a pair of brothers, sprung into action.  
One of the brothers, a firefighter who did not want to be identified said, "I never saw anything like that, when a guy just starts stabbing people.  I blocked the knife with my arm and my brother got the knife away from him."
He needed eight stitches in his arm and his brother was punched in the face. Another patron drove himself to the hospital, but the most seriously injured was Schaefer, who remained in the hospital Monday in fair condition.
The good Samaritan said patrons suspected trouble, but never imagined this.
"Earlier, He (Klingbeil) had said, 'Alright, fine,' and then left and said, 'I am going to be on the news tonight.'" 
Klingbeil went before a judge Monday and faces numerous charges, including attempted murder.  
He didn't say anything in court, but his mother, Dorothy, who he lives with, said her son is sick, suffering from bipolar disorder.
"He probably should be on medication," said Dorothy Klingbeil.  She also said her husband, Jim's father, recently went into a nursing home.  She believes that has affected her son hard.  He saw his father just hours before the alleged incident.
"I freely think it was a chain reaction of events," said Mrs. Klingbeil. "i feel bad for my son, I feel bad for those people I am just happy nobody died."
The good Samaritan said it could have been a lot worse.
"I think if we had not stepped in, someone would have gotten seriously injured," he said.
In the meantime, Klingbeil doesn't plan on posting her son's $160,000 bail.
"I am just hoping he gets help.  I do not what anything like this to happen again," she said.
Klingbeil has been in trouble before. According to records, he has been arrested three times, for DUI, child neglect, resisting arrest without violence and misuse of 911.
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