Family remembers fallen soldier on Veterans Day

Memory of soldier still alive after six years

GULFPORT, Fla. - Michelle Taylor reads aloud from a special book she will give to her son one day.

"I feel unbelievably saddened of your loss and the fact that you were never able to know your dad."
It's a book friends have filled with memories of Major David Taylor.  
"He was a great man and he would have wanted you to grow up and make him proud no matter what," she read.
Major Taylor was killed when his humvee was hit with two improvised explosive devices in Baghdad six years ago.
At the time the couple's son, Jake, was only four months old. Now, six years later the Gulfport community joins to remember Taylor's service along with others who have served to protect America.
"It is just nice to be able to honor them a little bit. I wish I could do more," said Sgt. Brian Taylor Urruela.
Urruela is the founder of VETSports. He helped organize a volleyball game in Gulfport  along with city officials.
The game was vets versus first responders. Money raised will help the Taylor family.
 "He showed me just how caring and thoughtful he was," said Sgt.Urruela.
For Sergeant Urruela the game holds a special meaning. He lost his leg in the same explosion that took Major Taylor's life.
"He is a big part of my life. He definitely is in my mind always and guides me through every decision I make," he said.
For Michele Taylor, Urruela's devotion as well as seeing others who served, helps give her strength.
"If Dave is looking down from heaven he would definitely be smiling," she said.
While she and her family have experienced a heart wrenching loss, they have also gaining a life long friend like Urruela who helps take away some of that pain.
"I am so grateful to Brian in the way that he has continued to remember Dave and remain apart of our life," she said. 
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