Plans starting to take shape to rebuild Yummy's, a popular Gulfport eatery

Yummy's begins to rebuild

The future of popular eatery in Gulfport is finally taking shape after being partially destroyed during tropical storm Andrea back in June.


Yummy's Chicago Style food has been treating people to their unique hot dogs and food for the past six years.


So far it's been a success, but recently, not so much.


"It's just been very, very difficult," co-owner Richard Reale said.


Difficult times have hit the restaurant because of what they've had to deal with for the past three months.


"People just have no place to sit," Richard said.


Most of the eatery's dining area was destroyed when tropical storm Andrea roared through the area. A tornado spawned off by the storm turned a 200-year-old cedar tree out front into a wrecking ball. "It shook us up quite a bit.," Richard said.


At first the community came out in droves to support the community staple.


"The initial influx of customers was a very good feeling," Richard said.


"Honestly I thought it was going to continue that way through the summer."


But with no where to sit inside away from the summer's heat and rain, business slowly died off.


"Summer's been a very difficult summer for us," Richard said.


Finally after months of planning and securing permits, a meeting of the minds. Contractors put the final touches on their plans to rebuild what was destroyed by the storm. "It's going to have a pass-thru window so they can serve their customers better. We're going to have a little counter out front. Going to have nice open windows so people can see in," property manager Richard Maltinos said.


Plans also call for the addition of a new outside deck, a feature the restaurant never had before.


  "We're hoping in about two months to have this up and ready," Maltinos said.


As far as what's left of the cedar tree out front, it's kind of like Yummy's, only time can tell if it will survive.


"I want both of us to survive but if one of us has to survive it needs to be me," Richard said.


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