Chefs plan to open market and restaurant at Sundial

As construction at Sundial in Downtown St. Petersburg nears completion, new tenants are announcing their plans to open.

Thursday morning two chefs, Michael Mina and Don Pintabona, announced plans to open a market and restaurant at the outdoor shopping area.

For existing businesses around Sundial, the new faces are long overdue.

Gabriel Tobais said customers would simply bypass the area of First Street North and Second Avenue North -- even the stores that were open, like the one where he works, Good Night Moon.

"People see the construction and think nothing is open, everything is closed. They automatically assume that," Tobias said.

But the construction that hurt business was part of a development plan that could soon help.

Sundial, the planned shopping and dining area in the heart of St. Petersburg, announced its newest tenants Thursday.

Mina and Pintabona plan to open Local Market, specializing in fresh and local foods.

"I think what's going to set it apart is it's designed by chefs, by Michael and I and the way we like to shop, the products we like to use," Pintabona said

Sundial sits on the same site that used to be Baywalk.

Tobias remembers the height of Baywalk and watching its business dwindle.

But he expects Sundial to be different, bringing tourists and locals to an area of St. Petersburg that has been passed over in favor of shops along Beach Drive and Central Avenue 

"I'm happy to see it open again, and I'm glad that we're finally getting there. I wish it would hurry up," Tobias said.

Local Market is expected to open this fall.

The developer would not say what other retail shops or restaurants are planned for Sundial.

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