Happy customer encourages others to patronize Ruskin Family Drive-In

Often times people speak up when they experience bad customer service.
But we found a Brandon man who was so happy with a local business, he's spending a month saying thank you.
"It's always nice to -- especially with your family -- just to come out and park your car and have some nostalgic feeling," said Dave Cribbs.
The place is the Ruskin Family Drive-In.
The movie last Saturday night, Heaven is For Real.
And for Cribbs and his family, the way they were treated by the owners was unforgettable.
"They gave our family some cotton candy."
"Then the owner's wife said you got to try Karen's homemade chili."
"Shirts for all our family. She gave t-shirts for all of our family."
And if all that wasn't enough, "Ted, the owner, got on the loudspeaker, and said 'for you guys back there in the yellow Camaro, if you come back when Transformers opens in two weeks, you'll get in for free,'" said Cribbs.
So Dave, a former paratrooper, wanted to do something to pay if forward. He took inspiration from a book he's reading called The 10X Rules by Grant Cardone.
"It talks about doing ten times the actions to reach your goals. And I thought, what can I do that's ten times more than what I should do?" said Cribbs.
Dave came up with a plan.
Every weekday morning for the entire month of June, from 6:00 to 8:30 a.m., he stands outside the drive-in with two signs.
They tout his amazing experience and the uncommon kindness he found at the drive-in.
"I'm just out here to make a statement and to promote this drive-in because everybody should come here," said Cribbs.
Dave wants others to join him in his drive-in duty on June 28 from 7-9am.
The hope is everyone can celebrate customer service the way it's supposed to be.
"You better be careful doing nice things, because someone might repay you," said Cribbs.
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