Riverview neighbors upset about carnival equipment on property

Proposed policy change

RIVERVIEW, Fla. - People living in a Bay area neighborhood are upset.  They say neighbors are storing carnival equipment on their properties, giving the area a bad look.  As of right now, it's against county policy.  But that could soon change.

Zoe Fackler says sometimes the thought of living in her own neighborhood makes her cringe. Fackler said, "We bought this in 2006. We had no idea we were surrounded by carnies."

Fackler says she and her husband moved to Tropical Acres for the rural setting. Now she says it's been taken over. Fackler said, "Dozens and dozens and dozens of tractor trailers. Large storage vehicles. Bunk trucks where they have numerous doors and their employees sleep in there."

The Hillsborough County Planning Commission says right now, it's against zoning laws for people to keep carnival equipment on their property. But, they are trying to change the policy, making it okay for the machinery to be there.

Joseph Even works with Arnold Amusements. Even said, "We store our equipment here because it's right in the back yard. We know what's going on. We can see our equipment. We don't want it to go anywhere else."

He has lived in Riverview since the '80's. He says people shouldn't be concerned because they are only in town two-and-a-half months of the year. Even said, "We come home the second week in November and we start out in Tampa at the Florida State Fair. That's all that we're here."

But, Zoe Fackler says if they stay, she will go.

If you would like to weigh in on the carnival equipment issue, the Hillsborough County Planning Commission is hosting a meeting tonight, from 6 to 8, at the Riverview Civic Center. Officials say the commission's proposal could be adopted in April.

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