Horses for Lex: 7-year-old girl with cerebral palsy gets a big surprise

The little girl at the center of an increasingly popular Facebook page called "Horses for Lex" received the surprise of a lifetime Thursday night.
"This is the last chapter," Travis Barker, the Facebook page creator said with a smile. 
It was a finale one month ago they never saw coming. But at the Alpha Boarding Complex in a rural part of Riverview, little Alexus "Lex" Lasiter met a little horse named Snickerdoodle. 
"I thought it was adorable," she told her family and friends. 
A funny sentiment because it's one that's usually used to describe her: a 7-year-old girl from Grove, Oklahoma that's captured the hearts of thousands of people around the world through the Facebook page "Horses for Lex."
The page, created in Lakeland by Barker, was designed to get people to mail as many horse drawings as possible to Lex. He knew it would make her smile. 
Lex not only has cerebral palsy, she's also battling heart and kidney problems along with a seizure disorder. 
Hundreds of people responded, sending photos and messages from all over the world. 
But then came Becky Anne Ross. 
"I felt like this was what I was supposed to do," she said standing by her stables in Riverview. 
Through a lot of coordination and a long road trip down from Oklahoma, Lex met Ross Thursday night . The little girl thought she was just there to go horseback riding, but instead Ross surprised her with Snickerdoodle, her very own pony.
"I love it," Lex said with a smile once the surprise sank in. 
"Seeing the look on her face and knowing that she was going to be able to bring it home," her mother Wathena Sievert said. "It's just unbelievable."
Her family believes Snickerdoodle will provide the therapy Lex needs to help strengthen her core and leg muscles. 
However, there is still one catch.
The group that had originally volunteered to transport Snickerdoodle back to their home in Oklahoma backed out at the last minute. They are now trying to find alternative transportation.
A fundraising page has been set up. To donate go to
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