Hillsborough Co. deputies raid Riverview home after suspected tax fraud

Car, electronics, other items seized

RIVERVIEW, Fla. - The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office raided a home at 10416 Boyette Creek Blvd in Riverview on Thursday morning.

Corporal Bruce Crumpler with the Sheriff's Office economic crimes division says his office got a tip about suspected tax fraud which brought them to the home where they hit the jackpot.

Four-wheelers, dirt bikes and accessories, workout equipment, electronics, even a little something for the kids as there was a mini-Escalade Power Wheels car parked in the garage.  Cpl. Crumpler said all the expensive purchases are a must when you're trying to "hide" money.

"It's an easy way to spend a lot of money quickly," said Cpl. Crumpler.  "The money is not allowed to be kept in banks, because that alerts the authorities about what is going on.  These fraudsters have to put their money into something."

But where did all the money come from?  Cpl. Crumpler said they found financial documents, debit cards, even social security numbers in the home.  Something he says he has seen a million times.

"Typical refund fraud case, where they would use people's information to file false tax returns," said Crumpler.

At this point, there is no telling how they got the information, how much was stolen or how long it was going on.

HCSO says a woman, her boyfriend and two young children were in the home when deputies arrived.  To make matters worse, the unemployed woman who lives in the house, is using 'Section 8' housing.  Essentially the home provided by the government is allegedly being used to steal from others.

"Typically on these investigations, they do take some time," said Cpl. Crumpler.  "This is basically a document gathering, evidence gathering type search warrant."

No one was arrested during the raid Thursday, but HCSO says this investigation could take several weeks to complete.  At that point, they will be ready to follow up with charges to those responsible.

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