9 students sickened by heat during competition at Spoto High School

RIVERVIEW, Fla. - At least nine students at a regional JROTC competition at Spoto High School were treated for heat-related sickness Saturday.

According to Hillsbourgh County Fire-Rescue spokesperson Ronnie Rivera, high schools students from across the region were competing at the Riverview high school's football field, when several began suffering from heat-related sickness.

Rivera said four of the nine students were transported to local hospitals, while the five others were released to their parents to seek further medical attention at their discretion.

"These patients had signs and symptoms of heat exposure like dehydration, nausea and heat cramps," Rivera said.

None of the students were believed to be suffering from serious heat illness, Rivera said.

The rest of the competition Saturday was canceled in light of the incident, but the award ceremony continued. A total of 18 high schools and about 300 students were participating in the competition.

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