Dogs being "bred to fight" discovered in deplorable conditions in Wimauma

Behind a fence on Bassa Street in Wimauma, where "Beware of Dog" and "No Trespassing" signs greet you at the property line, Hillsborough County Animal Services found 18 dogs living in what they described as deplorable conditions.
"It's upsetting," said lead investigator Cpl. Ken Vetzel. "He was making a living off the backs of these dogs." 
According to Vetzel, the majority of the animals were confined to small wooden cages that were filled with fecal matter and urine.
"Some of the dogs were in direct sun with no food or water, no shelter, no way to escape the sun," he said.
Animal Services started investigating 6014 Bassa St. after receiving an anonymous tip last week that dogs were being bred and trained on the property to fight. A search warrant, they said, confirmed that tip.
Allen Brown, 34, was arrested Tuesday on charges of animal cruelty, dog fighting, and possession of dog fighting paraphernalia.
Investigators believe Brown has been operating a dog fighting operation out of his home since January. 
Today, all eighteen of the dogs were seized by Animal Services. Each one of the dogs is in the process of getting checked out medically by veterinarians on staff. 
But investigators confirmed it's going to be a long road to recovery for these animals. 
"It takes a long time. But it's well worth the effort when you get to save their lives," Vetzel said.
Brown has a lengthy criminal rap sheet.
According to jail logs, he's been previously arrested for aggravated assault, child abuse, domestic battery, escaping from police custody, theft, criminal mischief, direct discharge of a firearm from a vehicle, robbery, kidnapping, battery on detention facility staff, lewd and lascivious acts on a child and another case of animal cruelty. 
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