911 call released after Apollo Beach construction accident

A worker pulled from a hole Thursday at an Apollo Beach construction site is out of the hospital, but his name has still not been released.
Emergency calls released Friday provide more insight into the moments after the accident occurred.
The caller identifies himself as the worker's superintendent, telling the 911 operator, "It's extremely life-threatening. This is a very serious call."
The caller says the workers were digging in a utility easement in very soft ground. Something caused the ground to give way, trapping the worker in heavy mud up to his waist.
Firefighters said it created an extremely dangerous situation not just for the man trapped but the rescue crews trying to free him.
"In our world, this was the worst case possibility," said Clint Roberts, a Hillsborough County Fire Rescue captain who assisted in the rescue.
Crews brought in pumps to drain water from the hole and prevent the man from drowning, he said, but they had to be careful about how quickly they did so.
"If we take too much water out too fast, the soil will cave in," Roberts said.
He said the more the trapped worker moved, the harder it was to free him.
"It's almost like a snake. The more you move, it actually wraps around you tighter and tighter," Roberts said.
They were able to free him and he was taken to the hospital.
The company the man works for did not return out phone calls. F
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