NTSB: Nothing found to prevent normal operation of plane that crashed on Venice Beach, killing 2

A preliminary report released today by the National Transportation Safety Board found nothing that would have prevented normal operation of the plane that crashed on Venice Beach, killing a father and daughter.
9-year-old Oceana Irizarry was walking with her father, 36-year-old Ommy Irizarry, when they both hit by the plane on July 27. Ommy Irizarry died shortly after the accident. Oceana died two days later.
The pilot Karl Kokomoor, 57, and the passenger was David Theen, 60, both of nearby Englewood, were not injured.
According to NTSB report, Kokomoor had not filed a flight plan and the 1972 Piper Cherokee had not been flown for three months.
Kokomoor told investigators that prior to the crash, the plane's engine began to run roughly. He said he checked the ignition switch and changed fuel tanks, but the engine eventually shut down.
Kokomoor, who thought he had picked a spot on the beach where there weren't any people, did not realize he had hit the father and daughter until he got out of the plane.
The NTSB report said an inspection of the engine and carburetor revealed nothing that would have prevented the aircraft  from functioning properly.
Research into the planes air induction, electrical and fuel delivery systems continues.
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