Thousands in savings bonds lost in couch returned to owner

BRADENTON, Fla. - We are all used to finding loose change in the cracks of our couch. But one bay area couple found a hidden treasure stashed away in theirs.

Around a month ago, Manatee County's Habitat for Humanity ReStore got a call from a woman saying she found thousands of dollars worth of savings bonds inside the couch she bought.

Bill Lloyd, Executive Director of the Restore, said, "As they were going through the couch, cleaning it and sprucing it up for their purposes, they found $4,250 in uncashed savings bonds."

The Sporl family, who moved across the state, owned the couch and donated it to Habitat, along with a room-full of furniture. Lanette Sporl says, "We donated a sofa, love seat, breakfast tables and chairs and a few other things. They came and got it and hauled it away for us."

A couple years ago, Sprol said, she put the bonds inside cushions for safe keeping and forgot they were there. Sporl says, "We were getting ready to leave that day.  You have a lot of things going on and that was it."

So the couch's new owners, who did not want to give their names, called Habitat to return the bonds to their rightful owners. Lloyd says, "This was a couple that put doing the right thing in front of personal interests, and that just makes it so good."

Sporl tells us, "Some person could have thrown them away, or tried to cash them, but this gal was darling." Sporl also wrote the woman a letter and gave her some money as a token of her appreciation.

As for the bonds, they went straight to the bank.

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