Sheena Morris death investigation "administratively reopened"

BRADENTON, Fla - Walking into Kelly Osborn's living room is like walking into a detective's office.  Photos of her daughter Sheena Morris are up on posters and there is detailed timeline leading up to and after her death.

"I didn't get to be a grieving mother," explained Osborn.  "I became my daughter's investigator."

Sheena's death was ruled a suicide in 2009.  Police found her lifeless body in a hotel bathtub on New Years Day 2009 and said she hanged herself.  Kelly has been adamant that her beloved 22-year-old was murdered.

Bradenton Beach Police Chief Sam Speciale has repeatedly declined to reopen the criminal investigation.

Over the past four years, Osborn has hired private investigators, exhumed her daughter's body and even done her own undercover work.  Her investigators came to the conclusion Sheena was murdered.

The medical examiner even changed his ruling on Sheena's cause of death from "suicide" to "undetermined."

On Friday, Osborn came one step closer to having her daughter's case reopened.

A review panel put together by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement gave Chief Speciale a list of things they would have recommended doing during the initial investigation. These recommendations come just one month after the review panel held a closed-door meeting where the department's case was discussed.

"The panel is not saying this is a suicide or a homicide.  They are saying here are some things you could have done better," explained Police Chief Sam Speciale.

Speciale has repeatedly declined to reopen the criminal investigation in the past.  He stands by his suicide ruling and reiterated that while he is going to follow the recommendations, in no way is this criminal investigation into Morris' death reopened.

An FDLE agent will help the department with the follow up work if Speciale would like them to.  The FDLE has also  offered the department use of its labs should they want to.

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