Neighbors grieve young girl left in hot car

A Sarasota father is behind bars after authorities said he left his 2-year-old daughter in a hot car for hours.
Police said when the girl arrived at the hospital, her body temperature was 106 degrees.
Uriel Hernandez, 23, the father, admitted to falling asleep in his home, forgetting his daughter was in her car seat Sunday morning, according to authorities. The child’s mother told detectives  he’d picked up the child about 6 a.m. that day.
Hernandez called the child’s mother before noon to tell her the child was unresponsive, authorities said. The child’s mother rushed to the house and called 911 on the way.
According to detectives, Hernandez had gone inside his home to retrieve a phone charger and fell asleep.
Jennifer Montoya lives next door to Hernandez with her family. She said the little girl was full of life and laughter, connected at the hip to an apparently adoring father.
"I would always see them walking,” Montoya said. “Always holding hands. They were always together. He wouldn't separate from her."
Police said temperatures in an idle vehicle can increase 20 degrees within minutes. We decided to put it to the test. Using a vehicle thermometer, we shut down the engine for five minutes.
Over that time the thermometer went from 86  to 116 degrees. 
Javier Tobon also lives near the home and said his parents can't make sense of the death.
"They were mad. It was an outrage," said Tobon.
Others couldn't find the words at all. A stuffed bunny and a lone rose now memorialize the little girl outside her home. 
Hernandez faces a felony manslaughter charge and remained behind bars Monday night.
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