Sarasota police officers Dominic Harris and Steven Fergus save baby choking on bone

SARASOTA - Two Sarasota police officers are being credited with saving a baby who was choking on a chicken bone, according to a statement.

Officers Dominic Harris and Steven Fergus were on patrol on 21st Street on June 18 when they saw several women holding a child upside down.

The women told the officers the 11-month-old boy had swallowed a chicken bone.

Officer Fergus called dispatch while Officer Harris performed the Heimlich Maneuver to dislodge the bone.

The baby, according to the police statement, began breathing, but not well. Paramedics rushed the child to a hospital where surgery was performed.

The baby was then taken to All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg and was still there as of Thursday, July 3. He is expected to recover, police said.

Editor's note: Sarasota police initially reported that the child was 11-months old, then later said the boy was 2-years-old. It turns out, police say, that the child actually  was 11-months old at the time.

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