Sarasota police need help finding suspected burglars

SARASOTA, Fla. - Kelsey Bendle can hardly stand to walk into her room.  On Monday, the 19-year-old lost her sense of security after waking up and finding two young men in her room.

"It is around 4:00 in the morning, I was sleeping in my bed and I wake up.  There are two guys, one crouched in front of my bed, and the other one is going through stuff, I guess," said Bendle.
Bendle relied on her only weapon, her voice.
"I said, 'Who are you?'  I said it really loud, and I think they got scared.  They hopped over all the stuff and ran out," she said.
Kelsey said the suspects ransacked her room, and her 15-year-old sister's, who happened to be spending the night at a friend's house.  She also said they stole some popsicles and even drank some juice. 
Bendle's mother, Sherri Caguiat, was also home and asleep in another bedroom. The burglars got her wallet, which police recovered on a lawn a few doors down.
Caguiat is just grateful that's all they got.  And her daughter, while scared, is safe.
"I think it is good that she didn't try and stop them and tangle with them.  I think it was the right thing for her to do," said Caguiat.
Police determined that the two burglars, described as teenagers, came through an unlocked patio door. 
In just over a week, they've responded to the same type of call at least four times. They say the burglars took computers, phones, jewelry, purses, and wallets. They even managed to steal a car, but then abandoned it.  
Other than Bendle, the other victims didn't wake up until after they were gone.
"We just want to get it out there that people need to be vigilant now and to keep any eye out for suspicious incidents or suspicious people, and give us a call," said Officer Linda Deniro with the Sarasota Police Department.
Caguiat said they are usually pretty good about locking the doors and windows, and now she will be extra careful.
So will her daughter.  "Make sure your windows and doors are always locked, always locked, because people find ways to get in," said Bendle.
Anyone with any information can call 941-364-7327 or Crimestoppers at 941-366-TIPS (8477).
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