Police lock down mall and high rise after two separate suspicious incidents, investigation continues

Police cleared the scene at Five Points Plaza in downtown Sarasota around 3:00 Tuesday afternoon after removing a suspicious envelope that was delivered there.

Many people want to know if the incidents are related.

"Shortly before 2:00 p.m., an envelope was delivered via the postal service. It had "TNT" and "kaboom" written on it," said Geneveive Judge of the Sarasota Police Department.

Sarasota Police say they called in the FBI, and after two hours, safely removed the envelope, saying it was not hazardous.

Just a few hours before this incident, Sarasota Police and Fire Rescue responded to a call at the Wesfield Southgate Mall in Sarasota.

"All we know is someone walked in, threw this crushed up solid product in the Lens Crafters and then left the mall," Judge said.

Police put the mall on lockdown while investigating.

People say they weren't told any information.

"I was shopping, and a couple other shoppers just thought there could be a sniper so we just planned on where we were going to hide and it was in the clothing, so we didn't know they didn't tell us what was going on," Debbie Shapiro said.

Authorities cleared the mall after investigating, saying the powder substance was not hazardous either. But now, people in Sarasota say they're left on edge.

Sarasota Police say investigators didn't find any evidence to show that the two incidents are related. They say they will continue investigating both.

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