Police: Four hospitalized after smoking spice

SARASOTA - Three men and a woman were hospitalized after they collapsed as a result of smoking the synthetic drug spice, according to Sarasota police.

Late Tuesday, officers were on patrol at Five Points Park when one of them noticed a man face down near the center of the park.  The officers found him unresponsive.  Moments later, three other people, two men and a woman, collapsed.

The first man began fighting with EMS personnel.  Another man became even more violent.  Both were restrained, according to a police statement.

The other two victims did not resist but were extremely sick.  All were taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

One of the men told officers they had been smoking home spice that had been sprayed with embalming fluid or formalehyde.

A police spokesman, Captain Patrick Robinson, warned that such substances "are not regulated and can contain substances that could be fatal if ingested."

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