Murder trial of Shawn Tyson continues in Sarasota as they continue to try and seat a jury

Still trying to seat jury in Sarasota murder trial

SARASOTA, Fla. - Day three in the Shawn Tyson murder trial in Sarasota would start much like the others, with not one juror seated.

On this day though, the defense and prosecution would focus on the 76 jurors who were held over from the original pool of 150 that the court started with on day one.

Both the defense and prosecution questioned individual jurors about their opinions on everything from gun possession to premeditation.

Again, it would be a slow process in an effort to find the 12 jurors both sides could settle on in order to settle this case.

The case itself stems from the murders of two British tourists in April, 2011. On that day, 25 year-old James Cooper and 24 year old James Kouzaris were found lying in the street, gunned down in an area of Sarasota referred to as Newtown.

During the questioning of the jurors today, there would be the occasional laugh as the jurors answered questions and the attorneys tried to establish a more cordial, as opposed to adversarial, relationship with them.

Also in court today, for the second day, members of Tyson's family would look on silently observing.

Tyson, for a third day, would look on, at times, appearing to be disinterested in the actions and process of law playing out in front of him.

A process that will render him due process and determine whether he is guilty or not. A jury should be seated by day's end, with opening statements expected to go tomorrow.

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