Mockingbird dive-bombs pedestrians in Sarasota

City says it hasn't received a formal complaint

SARASOTA, Fla. - People working along Main Street in Sarasota have been watching a bit of a sideshow out the window at work the last few days as a mockingbird has been seen swooping around peoples' heads in an effort to protect its nest.

The bird nest sits in a tree near the street's intersection with Goodrich Avenue, and right next to Il Panificio, a pizza place. The eatery's owner, Tracy Melone, said some people have been using napkins to try to scare away the pestering bird.

"I definitely thought it was weird, so we just kept watching out the window, and then as the customers were coming in, they were telling me what was going on," Melone said.

In video from the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, you can see several near misses as the bird persistently flies close to people walking by.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials tell ABC Action News this type of behavior can be expected for at least several weeks until the mockingbird's young are more mobile.

A spokesperson with the city said Wednesday that it had not received any formal complaints about the bird and that the city had no plans to relocate the nest.

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